At the core of our team’s expertise is Taylor Benner, a financial dynamo from Jefferson County, WV, renowned for crafting “Taylor-Made Mortgages” that fit our client’s unique needs. With a financial career spanning since 2014, Taylor has honed her skills across various pivotal roles, including loan officer, underwriter, and operations manager. Her deep understanding of financial technology further sets her apart, enabling her to offer innovative and personalized mortgage solutions.


But Taylor’s expertise extends beyond the confines of finance. She is a dedicated community advocate, passionately involved in providing financial literacy programs to local schools. Her commitment to service reflects her strong belief in giving back and staying connected to her roots.


When not revolutionizing the mortgage landscape, Taylor finds joy in the great outdoors with her husband and rescue animals. Whether camping, fishing, archery, or unwinding with a good book under the sun, she embraces life with zest.


Taylor’s blend of professional acumen and personal passion makes her an invaluable asset to our team, and every client she serves. Her approach isn’t just about providing a service; it’s about creating a journey towards financial empowerment and community betterment.


Welcome to a world of “Taylor-Made Mortgages” – where your financial goals meet our expertise and commitment.